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Damkapellet was founded in 2016 by initiative of Mika Persdotter Svensson. We had our debut as full ensemble 8th of March the same year, at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, celebrating International Womens Day. Since then we have been performing and lecturing about female composers and gender structures in festivals like Talk Town (DK), Kvindemusikfestival (DK) and manufacturing our own events and arrangements. At the starting point the idea of Damkapellets existence was clear, but its shape still elusive. How do you work with such a big group without a leader? Does really someone have to take the lead? And does not having a leader mean equally shared responsibility? Probably yes, but it can be difficult to execute in an everyday life of a year. The first three years we started off with an administrative group of six people, spread out in Copenhagen, Oslo and Malmö, who worded Damkapellets manifesto and guidelines. The difficulty to meet and work parallel and continuously gave the group time. And time we have needed. These questions are not yet answered, but they have more and more became a part of the research that Damkapellet does in working with hierarchy and chain in command. Is not exploring the enjoyment itself? In early 2019 it became clear that collectiveness is not only important for hearing individual voices, but also very much about owning what we do together. To lead alone might be an easier task at points, but to not share is also declining the rest to grow and be a full-worthy owner. The result of everyone preparing each detail for a common goal that we together execute, was welcomed and overwhelming to all of us. Safe, responsible and grounded. Any input would be received and responded. We are sure and insisting. Since 2019, we have been trying out a new model of leadership with 3-4 producers a year, or period, that rotates throughout members next new season. The model is now (2021) to be updated again, as a natural part of a continuous explorative process, into a structure of multiple rotation and dynamic, inspired by Emelie Cajsdotters descriptions of horse herd dynamics, and where all members functions as leaders at different times of timing. In Damkapellet we try work in a transparent way, where all material is accessable to all members all the time, and for the next ones to pick up right where the last stopped. The work we do is gifted to each other. Damkapellets members represents many different interests, which has in a natural way shaped the collective to room various projects, performances and ensembles over time. Some are interested in old music, some in new, and some make their own. Improvisation has also become a natural part of the process, since there is only your own limits stopping you from creating, and can often mirror behaviours or remains from old habits. Today Damkapellet consists of 20 members located in Copenhagen (DK), Malmö and in Oslo (NO). We meet in full assembly in our yearly annual meeting, typically a weekend in January, and Anniversary Concert held 8th of March. In 2020, Damkapellet entered a one year long residency at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, where we held series of concerts, arranged festivals and the conversation based event Another Composer Coffee. In 2021, Damkapellet received Carl Nielsen & Anne-Marie Carl Nielsens Talentpris as composers, with a grant of 100.000 danish krone. Read further about all our projects, ensembles and members here on the website and see you out there soon!


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