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SCENATET is a young Copenhagen-based experimental ensemble, founded by Anna Berit Asp Christensen in 2008. The ensemble works in a field between contemporary music and conceptual art, often with a surprisingly non-instrumental, sensuous and bodily approach to exploring the relation between music, art and people. With a special focus on creating concert experiences, SCENATET works passionately with dramaturgy and the staging of every performance to facilitate experiential spaces where the audience gets close to the musical pieces performed. To SCENATET, it is essential to break free of traditional and solemn concert formats, and instead let the music intertwine with the audience in new, immediate ways and emerge in an informal contemporary context, with room for modern views on social and artistic meetings. SCENATET presents a wide range of new music pieces, put together and staged in deeply conceptual, innovative and site-specific ways – highlighting the most interesting features of contrasting artistic genres and styles, and at the same time showing the range and diversity within contemporary music. Crossing fields of drama, installation and the yet undefined, SCENATET fuses music and art into dramaturgical narratives and extraordinary experiences that make the audience part of something truly new. Within the ensemble’s 10 years of existence, it has placed itself at the top of the international landscape of contemporary music. Not only the biggest Danish pieces, but also major international performances and premieres are a natural and continuous part of the ensemble’s work. Bringing their diverse repertoire to experimental venues, renowned festivals and cultural hubs all over the world, SCENATET makes the most interesting experimental music and art widely accessible to the public, locally as well as internationally.


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