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Næstved Early Music Festival


Næstved Early Music Festival was established as an association in November 2013 and held it's first international festival i 2016 and the last in 2018. From 2019 NEMF only presents a series of single season concerts alongside with a smaller weekend festival in October. The members of NEMF holds a General Assembly, which is the associations' highest authority, every year in Februrary / March. The members elect the Board which runs the season activities. "The festival is the country's largest early music festival, and at such an artistic level that it must also appeal to the large foreign early-music audience. The big festival every two years and all the concerts that NEMF organizes during the year have become an unprecedented success among the citizens of the city and the country. For Næstved a feather in the cap, which has made the city more attractive to both residents, newcomers and tourists. And an initiative that in the short and long term has an impact on the whole country's interest in live early music.” Custos - Early Music Magazine - December 2018


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