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Mission Kunst & Musikk Festival (K&Mfest) brings together renowned artists and musicians from all over the world to the beautiful city of Stavanger, Norway. Innovative and engaging programming is at the heart of the festival. Founded in 2007 by Ingrid Geuens, who also serves as the current artistic director, K&Mfest’s mission is to combine all disciplines of art to create an immersive musical experience. K&Mfest aspires to create a dialogue with the community of Stavanger by bringing world-class chamber music and other performing arts to intimate venues in Stavanger, whether it be in concert halls, churches or schools. The festival is closely linked with the Norwegian Youth Chamber Music Festival where young professionals connect with and learn from established professionals and pre-eminent musicians who can be influential in their careers. International faculty and young musicians perform individually and in large or small groups as part of the festival program. Our young musician participants have exceptional abilities as aspiring soloists and chamber music players. Community Outreach concerts are a major cornerstone to K&Mfest. We believe in giving back to the Stavanger community for its support to the festival. Presented by world-class artists, all outreach concerts are free.


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